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SPC delivers exceptional services across the river & marine industry sector by supplying a professional service delivered by committed employees.

At SPC our dedicated teams have accrued vast experience over the years whilst carrying out blast cleaning and painting contracts to independent vessels, naval, commercial vessels, jetty structures and dockyard/port infrastructure.

We can offer a environmentally friendly surface preparation methods utilizing Ultra High Pressure water blasting up to 45,000 PSI (3100 Bar)

Marine facilities suffer more corrosion than many other structures because of the environment in which they exist. It is therefore imperative that these structures are well maintained and that this maintenance is not disruptive to services and does not require frequent application.

Additional services include:

  • Ultrasonic material surveys (both above and underwater)
  • Over & underwater steel repairs
  • Design and installation of anode systems

We can provide key services to ensure your marine structures are structurally sound as well as providing the maintenance free corrosion protection system with a lifespan up to 25 years (subject to specification and environment). With extensive experience in scaffolding (including enclosures) and abrasive blasting, we can strip, repair and then protect your structures.

Our products and people are accredited and specialist trained for safety, quality and reducing environmental impact ensuring your job is completed on time, safely and that its results will last the lifetime.

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