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Coating Inspection & Testing

Here at SPC we believe that quality is the most crucial business aspect of them all.

This is why company has invested a lot of resources in our QA/QC department. As the customer demand for quality control and assurance grows every year, specifications are becoming more sophisticate so is our company. With the latest top of the range inspection equipment we can perform variety of different Non-destructive (NDT) & destructive tests both for prepared surfaces and coatings:

Digital Blast profile / Surface profile monitoring
Cleanliness of abrasive materials
Surface salt contamination tests
Dust contamination tests
Digital environmental condition monitoring
Digital Coating DFT (Dry Film Thickness) monitoring
Low voltage pin hole detection
High DC voltage holiday detection
Adhesive and cohesive strength of all types of coatings
Ultrasonic thickness survey

All tests are performed in accordance with industry related ISO, SSPC, NACE and ASDM Standards by our certified NACE Level 3 and ICORR Level 2 Coating inspectors.

We are here to fulfil any customer requirements

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In House Facilities

We provide a range of top quality, in-house painting and coating services including:

Large Blast Room 20m long by 4m wide.
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Blast Media.
3 Large spray shops with climate control and ventilation facilities.
Temporary containment structures available for larger projects.
Hot metal spray application, including zinc and aluminium.
Application of specialist corrosion protection for long term service life.
Application of Passive Fire Protection systems
Application of approved non-slip systems including BimaGrip and BridgeMaster
Application of all kinds of Protective Coating Systems – wet and powder.
Application of rapidly curing products via plural spray equipment
Lifting capabilities of up to 20 tonnes, cranage can be arranged.
Quality control and inspection.
Powder coating facilities
Steelwork and pipework fabrication

On-site Services

We provide on-site service when the coating or protection is required at the construction or work site:

Abrasive blasting “wet and dry” selecting different media to reduce clean up and containment.
Vacuum blasting.
Ultra high water blasting up to 40,000 PSI.
GRP laminate tank linings.
Epoxy tank linings including reinforced if required.
Application of all protective and decorative coating systems.
Application of Passive Fire Protection systems
Confined space working.
Non-slip coatings.
General spraying and hand applied coatings.
Coating inspection and testing.
Light metal fabrication
Steel repairs and welding

Project Management & Quality Control

One thing that sets Solent Protective Coatings apart from the average painting contractor is the level of project management, site supervision and quality control that we provide our customers.

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